Choose from my pre-designed packages, listed below, or scroll down and design your own custom session, from scratch, with my a la carte options! Whatever you select, we will work together to create you the perfect boudoir session!

* Payment plans available for all packages and custom sessions

• Mini • 300

Sample the luxury…

  • 3 digital images
  • One hour session time

• Allure • 800

A fun way to dip your toes in…

  • 10 digital images
  • 2 outfits

• Glamour • 1250

All the essentials, plus a little extra…

  • 15 digital images
  • 3 outfits
  • Standard cosmetic touch-ups
  • 1 composite image of your choice
  • 1   11×14 Canvas Print

• Elegance • 1450

Feel the luxury with the full Elegance experience!

  • Hair and Makeup Artist
  • 25 digital images
  • 5 outfits
  • Standard cosmetic touch-ups
  • 1 composite image of your choice
  • 1   11×14 Canvas print
  • Custom album with entire gallery

• A la Carte Options •

The A la Carte menu is designed to help you build your own, completely custom session!

First, choose a session length (half-hour increments are available for your convenience), and all sessions include a single outfit, if you would like to have the option to add a second outfit to your session, select the desired number of outfit changes. Next, select the number of images you will receive from the session, whether you would like to add standard or extensive cosmetic touch-ups. Standard touch-ups are simple things like blemish removal, and extensive touch-ups include complete skin correction, face-swaps (when the image is gorgeous, but you blinked, I can composite your facial expression or features from another image to correct it.)

The following items are priced according to their required involvement and effort by the Photographer, as well as the total time each item requires to ensure the best quality.

  • Half-hour session time: 75
  • One Hour session time: 150
  • Outfit Change: 10 each
  • Digital images: 40 each
  • Standard Cosmetic Touch-ups: 50 per half-hour session, 100 per full hour
  • Extensive Cosmetic Touch-ups:
    • Makeup correction: 25 per half-hour session, 50 per full hour
    • Face-swaps: 20 per image (*If a face-swap is possible)
    • Object Removal: 15 per image
    • Complete Skin Correction: 150 per half-hour session, 300 per full hour
  • Composite Image: 100
  • Hair and Makeup Artist: 80
  • Re-edits: 75 per image (in the event that you want an image retouched after the final delivery.)
  • Image Prints (all print prices are presented as a range, with the lowest price being the smallest print size, and the highest price being the largest.)
    • Canvas Gallery Wraps: 95 – 495
    • Fine Art Acrylics: 200 – 605
    • Metal Prints: 155 – 345
    • Wood Prints: 75 – 345