Sexy Boudoir with a Pastel Twist

…not only do they shout their awesome message from the rooftops, they follow their own advice (which is seriously rare).

When these two gorgeous ladies reached out to me about combining their steamy boudoir sessions into one, I was, understandably, excited.

I was even more excited when they said they wanted a theme: Pastels!

Now, those of you who know me, know that I love themes. I love cohesive, story-telling vibes that catch the eye and, in the words of Severus Snape, “ensnare the senses.”

This boudoir session did all that and more. I couldn’t be more pleased with the way it turned out, and it is quite possibly the most fun I have ever had with one session. (Though, I should have guessed that double the women = double the fun.)

Sexy lingerie photo of two women laughing

The session took place at a gorgeous Wolf Creek apartment, which we swiftly took to decorating with glittering foil streamers, ALL the colors of tulle, fluffy pillows and rugs, and who could have a pastel party without balloons?

We embraced all the giggling and goofing around, and it made for some seriously stellar photos.

Both of these gorgeous women are warriors for body positivity and self-love. They are all about owning and loving your human form, and not only do they shout their awesome message from the rooftops, they follow their own advice (which is seriously rare).

Sexy boudoir photo of two women in fishnet stockings by Utah boudoir photographer   Two women posing for boudoir photo in sexy lingerie

Everything about this session was pure magic, which is why I couldn’t resist making it a feature on the blog. It’s not often that a client comes to me with a clear idea and plan for their session.

It’s actually quite rare. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with going into a boudoir session with only the word “sexy” in mind. Most people in Utah that I’ve been fortunate enough to meet through my work are boudoir virgins. They all still end up with breathtaking photos for themselves or their spouses (or both), regardless of their initial vision (or lack thereof) for their session. So, a concrete theme or vision isn’t exactly a requirement.

But, that’s why this session stands out so brightly from the rest! When I’m given an idea, I tend to run with it, and these ladies kept up, and even outpaced me, every step of the way. It was wonderful to be able to bring their gorgeous vision to life in their photos!


sexy boudoir photo of purple haired woman biting pearls   sexy boudoir photo of topless woman wearing pearl necklace and arching her back

Their session is up in its complete awesomeness on the Galleries section of this site. To see the whole thing, just click here. I promise, it is SO worth it!

Don’t forget to follow Austa Feller Photography, @afellerphoto on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with all the amazing things coming this month and in May. I’ve got some goodies in store that you won’t want to miss!

All the love, babes!

Until next time.

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