How Does This Whole Boudoir Thing Work, Anyway?

I’ve been getting requests to expand on a couple things I mentioned in this post. Specifically, what the process is for creating and carrying out a boudoir session with me. It’s a wonderful question, which is why I’m doing an entire post about it, so that others can refer back to this whenever they have questions, and so that it can be expanded upon in the event that new questions are brought up.


The Consultation

So, once a person has moved past the “reaching-out-for-prices” stage and decided they’d like to book a session, we set up an initial meeting called a consultation.

During this meeting, I ask you questions regarding your goals for the session; what, if any, body parts or features you’d like to focus on (most people want their booty to be the focus, while others want to highlight their scars, and then some don’t have anything specific they want showcased. All answers are good answers.)

The initial consult is also where we go over contracts and model releases, and also where you will put down the initial deposit to hold your session date. The deposit is not a separate charge, it is put toward the total session fee, so think of it like putting a down payment on the session.

sexy boudoir photo of white lace detail on bra


Model releases are what most of the questions were revolving around, so I’ll describe them more in-depth here.

Every photographer has a different contract and a different policy regarding the use of their photos online. Because of the intimate and vulnerable nature of boudoir sessions, I have two separate contracts.

1) The Legal mumbo-jumbo contract.

This contract is just the basic agreement between you and I. It goes over copyrights to the photos, you agree to arrive promptly to your session, and there’s even a super-fun and exciting no-sexual-harrassment clause that I threw in there for both yours and my safety.

2) The Model Release.

Like I said before, this one is a separate contract because I don’t like the idea of locking you into an agreement to allow your photos to be used online just because you have to agree to the other legal stuff to even have a session. That seems sketchy and unfair.

So, my model releases are broken down into two separate permissions, the permission to use the photos on this website, as part of my professional portfolio, and a separate permission to use the photos on professional social media accounts. You are free to sign one but not the other, or simply not allow the photos to be used online at all.

The model release also offers the option to allow the photos to be used in any capacity online, so long as your name is not “tagged”. This way, you can still see your images on your feed, but none of your friends or family will.

What I’ve gathered from the emails I get is that this concept is a major road-block in some people’s minds. Because they were seeing my images online, they were assuming that theirs would HAVE to be shared too. This is not the case, though, as you now know.



At this point, when your session is booked and reserved and all contracts are signed, I’ll send you a cute little guide that gives you tips and tricks for preparing yourself for our session. This includes everything from how close to the session you should or shouldn’t get waxed, get facials and chemical peels, and other fun little bits of information that help the session go as smoothly as possible.

All that’s left after all this is just to show up to the session itself!

The process for getting a session into the works can seem daunting for some, but hopefully the information above helped a bit.

A quick note…

I have recently changed my package system to be more convenient for everyone! Now, instead of having to choose between three pre-fab packages, I have added a fourth, “sample” type package called the “Mini” and I have also added an A la Carte menu, where you can build your own custom session from scratch that fits your needs!

Check it out HERE.

And, as always, I love receiving questions and talking to all of you beautiful people, so never be afraid to reach out to me!


And, don’t forget to follow me on social media so that you’re never the last to hear about my latest discounts and deals!



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