Boudoir Body Pride

At least twice each week, I get an email from someone wondering whether I can still “make them look sexy” with stretch marks, or scars, or a few curves. And my answer is always the same.


Because I’m not really “making you” anything. You are sexy. All my photos are doing is showing you that.

Yesterday, in my boudoir Facebook group, a member posted this image:


Everyone is sexy to someone. No exceptions. Yes, even you.

The very same day, another member posted this gem:


These memes are super funny, but they’re also super accurate.

Here’s the point: Every body is different. That is a fact. You could have two people with the exact same height, weight, and body type, but they would still look different.

Because of this, every body photographs differently. This is a good thing!

Long story short, I know how to pose and light for every body type, which is why this is my job. I’m good at what I do.

I have a process that I work through with my clients to help me get to know them and what they expect from their session.

The most important questions I ask them are these:

  1. What are some of your goals for this session?
  2. Of which parts of your body are you most proud?

These questions allow me to learn their intentions and motivations for pursuing a boudoir session. They let me get the client into the mind-frame of searching for things they like, rather than things they hate or want to hide.

There is a reason I chose boudoir. I love the human form. I love everything related to sex and intimacy and beauty. When you put those two passions together, you get magic, regardless of what my subject looks like to him/herself.

My job is to see things the way others may not, it’s why people hire me, so I can show them.

So I can show them the way their curves dance with the light, or the way the shadows flirt with the dips in their abdomen or clavicles.

I promise you, you are beautiful. You just need to stand in the light long enough for yourself to see it!

“Perfect” doesn’t exist… And “Normal” is boring.


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