I had a thought the other day, about the way our world views women who think and act for only themselves.

At one point in time, these women were called witches. Now it’s “slut”. The words change, but the sentiment behind them does not.

Here’s the thing. There will always be people who disapprove of what I do, and that is perfectly okay. I can’t be everyone’s cup o’ tea, and I fully accept and appreciate that. I love my job, I get to show people how beautiful their bodies truly are, and every time I hear “Holy shit, I’m sexy!” I do a little happy dance, because it means I’m doing my job correctly.

I am an open book about all matters sexual, and that makes people uncomfortable. They’re so used to people being ashamed of their sexuality and blushing at the names of genitals that it is disarming to them when they meet someone who is so unabashedly open.

Am I a witch for being this way? I sure hope so.

“Witch” was meant to be a term to inspire fear, and for a while it did. But it also had the opposite effect.

Witches are portrayed as these cunning, beguiling people who are utterly irresistible to those around them.

Witches weave magic and their mere presence is seductive. They are empowered and strong; they take no shit, because they know they don’t have to.

Oh, and we can’t forget that witches *gasp* embraced their sexuality.

It was meant to be a bad thing, but I can’t think of anything more wonderful. People are afraid of anything that doesn’t ‘fit the mold’, and boudoir photography is definitely a misfit subject. However, each time I see someone’s eyes shine as they look at themselves and see – possibly for the first time – how stunningly gorgeous they are, I also see a spark of magic ignite in their hearts.

That spark is my favorite. It means you’re falling in love with yourself in your most vulnerable, natural state. It means that you’ve seen yourself, truly seen yourself.

Our world has put these “witch” words into circulation, hoping to steer us away from our power, and instead, they have only highlighted it.

I posted one of my favorite images from a recent session on my social media today with the caption:

Putting myself first was a quiet thing.

Soft and certain; a gentle rebellion, long overdue.

It might seem like the hardest thing in the world, but embrace your witchcraft. You only get one life, why live it in hiding?

Put yourself first. There is only one of you.

Work your magic, embrace your witchcraft, and love yourself.

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