Taking Her Sexy Back

Recently, I had the privilege of meeting and working with one of the most amazingly strong women I have ever come across. Her goals are almost as beautiful as she is, and once she allowed me to know her a bit, I practically begged her to let me share them.

The title of her feature, here, is “Taking Her Sexy Back” because her mission in life aligns perfectly with Austa Feller Photography’s mission. Claiming her body, her life, and her self back from a life and a world which have attempted to capture them.

Katie has never felt like her body belonged to her. It was taken by a series of abusive and toxic environments throughout her life, as well as by a couple of truly beautiful ones.

Recently, though, she had the most wonderful epiphany: Nothing, and no one, could claim her body, her sexuality, or her Katie-ness. These things are Katie. They belong to her, and upon making this realization, she began a journey of reclamation; a journey, to which I feel so very fortunate to have been a witness. She is truly taking her ‘sexy’ back.

The photos below are only a few of my favorites from her session, to see the others, feel free to view her entire gallery, here.


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