New Year, New Goals

When Tawni’s boyfriend reached out to me about a birthday session for her, I automatically accepted. It was going to be a fun session with four to six of her closest friends celebrating her birthday, what could be better than that? Turns out, a canceled hotel party is better. Why? Because it turned a besties session into a beautiful boudoir shoot!

I received a message from Chance, Tawni’s beau, saying that the friends could no longer make it, and asked if I would be open to a change of plans. He told me that Tawni had been wanting to start a journey into the world of boudoir modeling.

This was actually perfect, because for the longest time, I have actually wanted to offer boudoir photography, but I had no idea how to begin. And, believe it or not, this last minute change of plans was about to get even better.

When we arrived at the hotel, Tawni was ready to be open and vulnerable. She was excited for the session, and she trusted me enough to tell me the amazing reason she wants to be a boudoir model.

She has overcome hardships that would have made me crumble. Instead of letting her past define her, she is standing strong, unafraid and unashamed, and she wants to help others do the same. Tawni’s goal is one of love; that every scarred, abused, imperfect body is worthy and deserving of love, and that no one should ever feel that they have to settle for less than that.

This is not just another body positivity campaign filled with nothing but empty words. It is so much more. Yes, it is about loving your body for all of the wonderful things it is and does, but beyond that, it is about rising above past abuses and shames, and climbing up from rock bottom to stand at the peak to say, “My past does not define me. I am not the sum of the things that have happened to me or which have been done to me.”

It is about taking back control and demanding nothing less than what you deserve.

So when I heard this, I’m sure you can understand why I was so honored and excited to be a part of it!


These are just a few of the images we created during Tawni’s session, but more can be found in Tawni’s gallery on the new Boudoir section of the site!

Here’s to breaking boundaries, finding and nurturing our strengths, and being beacons of light and positivity in a world which is so often negative.


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