Change is in the Air

Lately, I have been receiving a large amount of inquiries for couples, wedding and engagement photo services. I normally specialize in children’s and family photography, and so this is a big jump for me.

I am not in the habit of turning down requests, nor will I ever be. But it did get me thinking; why must I corner myself into a tiny niche when I love taking all the photos of all the things?

It is something commonly heard in the photography classes and the groups of social media; you need a niche, a specialty. That is perfect and well and good, but every photographer I’ve come into contact with has said that they chose their favorite genre as their specialty.

The problem is, I legitimately don’t have a favorite. I fall in love with every session and genre as I discover them. Perhaps it is because I have only been doing this for roughly 2 years, but I just can’t narrow it down to favorites.

We will see how this new year goes, but as of now, it is looking like I may just insist on remaining a jack of all trades.

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