Take Your Sexy Back

A boudoir session with me is more than just looking “sexy”. My sessions are all about celebrating YOU! They are meant to show you the true beauty in your form, whatever gender, size, shape, color or markings it may have.

Whether you want to have sexy photos taken for your husband or wife, or you’re in it all for yourself, I want you to leave your boudoir session feeling pampered and truly beautiful. I strive to provide each and every client with an experience that is as unique as you are!

My motto is “Take your sexy back.”

So much of our culture has begun to dictate what is acceptable, when a person is sexy, and when they don’t fit the mold. My top priority as your photographer is to help you take that power back into your hands, where it belongs.

All bodies are beautiful, allow me to prove it to you!

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Hi there, I’m Austa (The lady on the left)

I’m a Utah boudoir photographer with an obsession with all things sexy.

I specialize in the celebration of your unique, quirky self. Real smiles, genuine laughter, and sparkling eyes are my favorite things to capture.

My one and only job is to showcase the true beauty of you.

Every photograph I provide is specially selected and hand-edited to the highest standards, with rich, vibrant color that stands the test of time.

Allow me to spotlight all of your best qualities and to shine a light on every lovely, charming detail in photographs that will last forever.

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I love receiving questions and comments, and I promise I don’t bite. So if you have a burning question about my pricing or services, please feel encouraged to ask!

Or, you can get your question directly to me, by calling (435) 565-1296 or emailing contact@austafellerphotography.com

I can’t wait to work with you!